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One of the leading factors of the blockchain—aside from the obvious decentralization—is the high level of security behind it. It’s not uncommon to hear people claim that it is “unhackable”. Ty Miller spoke to Forbes about how blockchain will fall to the same fate as every other protocol that has ever been invented.
Ty Miller is the Founder & Managing Director of specialist security consultancy Threat Intelligence, and most recently the introduction of the world’s first dedicated security automation cloud, Evolve.
A good cybersecurity strategy is essential for any business, no matter its size – but in the midst of a chronic shortage of security experts, what’s a small business to do?
There’s a Christmas toy warning, but it has nothing to do with choking risks.
Parents are being warned about innocent-looking tech gifts and smart toys that could be hacked into to access your personal data and possibly to spy on you. Experts say it is something to bear in mind in the lead-up to Christmas.
Australian IT security consultancy Threat Intelligence’s goal is “to disrupt the security industry,” managing director Ty Miller told iTWire.
Ty Miller is the driving force behind the launch of specialist security consultancy, Threat Intelligence, and most recently the introduction of the world’s first dedicated security automation cloud, Evolve. His vision is only matched by his commitment to truly make a difference to the global IT security industry.
Damian Harvey is a key member of the Threat Intelligence team and wears many hats. His role has recently expanded from BDM to Group Head of Sales to acknowledge his active participation in the development and rollout of Evolve Security Automation. Here Damian shares his insights into what drives him daily.
Threat Intelligence today confirmed its Evolve security automation platform has successfully completed its final round presentation in the inaugural Optus Innovation Challenge program.
Five finalists have been selected from 85 applications for the Optus inaugural innovation challenge, with the telco praising the high volume of quality startups which participated in the program.
If you put your printers on the Internet with default passwords and vulnerable software, you’re going to get hacked
Threat Intelligence launched Evolve, its unified security automation platform.
Evolve is a new cloud-based all-in-one security automation platform for automated penetration testing, automated security infrastructure orchestration and automated incident response.
Jul 31, 2018
Threat Intelligence announced the launch of Evolve, a new cloud-based security automation platform.
Threat Intelligence would like to draw your attention to the Mandatory Notifiable Data Breach reporting legislation that came into effect today, 22 February 2018, with potential fines of up to $420,000 per individual and up to $1,200,000 for the companies that do not comply.
The pressure is on Australian banks to keep up with customer’s growing use of smartphone apps to pay for in-store and online purchases.
The flaw in the WPA2 wireless protocol revealed recently has a critical impact on Android phones running version 6.0 of the mobile operating system and Linux devices, a security researcher says.
Threat Intelligence Expert Provides Insights on the long-term impacts of the KRACK attacks and what organisations should do to protect themselves long-term.
Sept 19, 2017
Fears of hacking are causing an increasing number of SMEs to abandon having a website, opting instead for other forms of internet presence.
Internet security experts are urging people to update their software to protect against a serious vulnerability, which if exploited could spread uncontrollably via the common wireless technology bluetooth.
This is the latest in a long list of security flaws, however this is considered to be one of the most dangerous attack vectors that has been released. In fact, with an estimated 8 billion devices potentially affected, it could be the largest ever security flaw to date.
A hacker who goes by the alias “xerub” has managed to successfully crack Apple’s Secure Enclave firmware decryption key for their iOS devices. The Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) is used by iOS devices to store and manage the encryption keys and authentication process for the device.
Aug 11, 2017
The 20th edition of Black Hat USA (BHUSA) did not disappoint, if your expectations were the largest exhibit floor, the most lasers, and the biggest attendance ever.
We released this brand-new attack technique at Black Hat USA and makes this nightmare a reality by turning your Active Directory Domain Controllers into C&C servers that can then command a powerful internal botnet. This attack technique is a fundamental flaw within the way that nearly every organisation implements their Active Directory solution, which leaves a gaping hole within their security and their ability to contain security breaches.
Australian information security company Threat Intelligence has revealed details of a new attack technique whereby a Microsoft Windows Active Directory domain controller can be transformed into a command-and-control centre for an internal botnet.
Your organization has just discovered a serious data breach.
Australian Government organisations can compromise suspects devices to capture everything that they type; however, what they don’t have, in general, is a reliable way of gaining access to encrypted data when they are unable to compromise the target device. This means that critical information to a Government investigation may exist within the encrypted data, but they simply can’t get access to it to prosecute the perpetrator.
For millenia humans have used secret codes to protect messages.
Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead thought she was sharing a private moment with her husband, film director Riley Stearns, when she posed for a number of intimate images in her home several years ago.
Publisher’s Panel in partnership with Darktrace – Using AI for next-generation Cyber Security | IDG Security Day
Moderated by – Anthony Caruana, CSO
Mark Beaumont, Country Manager Australia,
Darktrace Jonathan Chang, Managing Director, Silverpond Stephe
The shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere marked IDG’s first ever Security Day.
Australia’s top Cyber Security Adviser says it’s fanciful to suggest governments should create conventions to control cyber warfare.
A federal government department has been blasted over its “appalling response” to a security researcher’s report which found it has been exposing millions of Australians’ personal information by leaving serious security flaws unchecked in a critical gover.
Donald Trump has appointed Rudy Giuliani as his cybersecurity advisor, prompting security experts to cast a critical eye over his consulting firm’s website — and they’re not impressed.
US president-elect Donald Trump’s freshly minted cyber tsar Rudy Giuliani runs a website so insecure that its content management system is five years out of date, unpatched and is utterly hackable.
The cat’s out of the bag for about 60 Australians who thought they could anonymously rent a hacker from a website to do their dirty work.