Incident Response and Digital Forensic Investigations

Our Incident Response services identify the key threats to your business and then provides you with clear and customised steps to be taken before, during and after a security breach, backed by our highly experienced Incident Response Team.

OUR Modern APPROACh TO Incident Response

ONGOING SECURITY ASSURANCE: Incident Response & Digital Forensic Investigations 

Every week, our specialist team manages major security breach investigations and multi-million-dollar ransom and extortion campaigns. These major security breaches threaten all businesses ranging from startups right through to multi-national organisations.

During the incident response process, our team will have significantly enhanced the security posture of your business and the visibility of malicious activities. This provides you with the option to have our team continue to monitor the security of your environment for a period of 30 days, or in an ongoing manner, to ensure that your business remains safe. This end-to-end Digital Forensics and Incident Response process ensures that the security breach is contained quickly and you get your business back online.

Modern Incident Response with Evolve Security Automation

Threat Intelligence has redefined how Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) is delivered as a service. Combining our specialist security team with the Evolve Security Automation capabilities, in less than 1 hour our team can deploy:

  • 13 minutes – Automated SIEM with EDR Orchestration
  • 10 minutes – Automated External and Internal Penetration Testing
  • 3 minutes – Automated Compromised Account Monitoring
  • 8 minutes – Automated DNS Sinkhole with Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • 10 minutes – Automated Incident Response Evidence Collection, Analysis and Response

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Our goal is to innovate security services and intelligence. We do this by utilizing out team of deep experts both nationally and globally recognized in the security field

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