Designed specifically for critical applications, we offer multiple levels of secure code reviews covering hundreds of security controls. Just choose the level based on technical and business risks, application size, and security budget to suit your business.


Web applications are a primary gateway for hackers to gain access to your corporate secrets. Web Application Secure Code Reviews perform a deep-dive into your web application source code using globally recognised standards and methodologies. This provides fine-grained insights into the security of your web application and the corresponding data, accounts and systems.


Mobile App and API Secure Code Reviews reveals unsecured data and configurations in your mobile apps through an in-depth assessment, across all mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. We also review your API source code to identify vulnerabilities that may be abused by attackers to compromise your mobile solution. We use globally recognised standards to provide assurance and visibility of your mobile security profile.


Web services are commonly used for B2B solutions and thick clients, which often contain business logic flaws and access control weaknesses, amongst others. This is due to developers trusting the source of the requests. Web Service Secure Code Reviews step through your source code to identify actual vulnerabilities that exist within these interfaces using globally recognised application security testing standards.


Thick client applications often assume that the end user is trusted and that their device has not been compromised. Thick Client Application Secure Code Reviews assess the maturity of your application source code to identify security flaws that are introduced into your systems by installing the thick client software and identify risks associated with copyright bypass protections. Combined with a Web Service Secure Code Review, vulnerabilities in the corresponding web services are located for an end to end review.

On-demand, Cost-effective, Specialist Security Capabilities

Our job is to step in quickly, provide those security reviews and put in mechanisms to protect you from cyber criminals.

Damian Harvey I Business Developer Manager