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Evolving with Threat Intelligence

Damian Harvey, Group Head of Sales

Damian Harvey is a key member of the Threat Intelligence team and wears many hats. His role has recently expanded from BDM to Group Head of Sales to acknowledge his active participation in the development and rollout of Evolve Security Automation. Here Damian shares his insights into what drives him daily.

What motivates you?
Knowing that every day there are innocent people and diligent organisations being compromised or destroyed through online criminal activities.

What is it that you most like about working at Threat Intelligence?
The answer here is largely two-fold: the strategic approach Threat Intelligence takes to its customers and the impact, both on me personally and the business more generally, of its pre-eminent place in the global cyber security community. I know that our amazing people and superior tech can reduce the number of cyber victims around the world on a daily basis.

We have harnessed our own experts from around the world and have developed a breakthrough automated security platform that makes a difference at a global level. Through my position here I’ve been able to give back and help input into the various training sessions, like The Shellcode Lab at the Black Hat USA conferences.

Our crew are forward, lateral thinkers. There’s a stimulating, diverse set of views on everything in our challenging specialisation. For our clients – and among them we’re talking the top 50 percent of the ASX Top 10 – that translates to deep awareness of the threats and risks they’re exposed to.We’re able to bring ever richer capability to the market through security automation and maximise security investments.

What’s coming up that you’re excited about?
Everything about our new Evolve platform! We’re changing the way we deliver client services. The new, intelligent automation of our offerings will vastly improve efficiencies in identifying threats and minimising risks.It’s a really convincing solution to both the threat landscape response and operational realities like budgets and resourcing. Our clients can get back to running their businesses as we manage security as a service in the background.

What does your role entail?
I’m the first point of contact for existing and new clients. It’ll be me that you hear from, whether you’re an individual, a start-up or a corporate. It’s a very hands on role. It’s my responsibility to pull together the team that identifies and solves your specific problems from the vast array of cyber security issues. I’m with you on your journey, whether that may be pen testing, ISO27001 or security automation.

My other hat is to build a solid ANZ and global partner channel.

What extra tasks have you taken on that give you a buzz?
I was thrilled to have been given user acceptance testing (UAT) input to Evolve, to bring my expertise to the customer experience aspects of the product development.

How did you get here?
My 20-year tour in the Australian Army Signals Corp put me at the forefront of the emerging realm of infosec and across the influencing pillars of people, process and technologies. I experienced the trending attack vectors and from this privileged, classified position, I gained an insight into what was coming.

I saw enormous career opportunities in a move to the private sector where the evolving security challenges weren’t properly understood – the approaches and definitions needed to change. My timing was very fortuitous as my career and the infosec market have advanced in lockstep over the last two decades.

Interestingly, while threats and technologies may adjust, the fundamental principles of how you respond don’t alter much because it remains all about people, risks and motivations.

What would you tell a young Damian Harvey setting out on his career?
Integrity is the key to long term achievement. Nothing worth having or doing will ever come easily. Success is an endurance sport.

What hobbies do you have, and do they impact your work life?
Being in the military taught me to about contributing to society, as best you can to your abilities. I’m actively involved in surf lifesaving and this is my way of giving back to the community. It’s really important to me.