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Securing Your Organisation


Securing your start-up is vital to attracting and retaining customers and investors. Waiting until a security breach occurs is bad for business. If you are prepared to be able to identify and respond to breaches, you can protect your business from failure. We work with start-ups at all stages of their journey to build and test the policies, architecture and security roadmap you need to secure your business and stay in the game. A professional approach to security can show investors and customers your start-up has the mature and stable security mechanisms in place it needs to succeed.


Large organisations face a unique set of security challenges, including a never-ending stream of threats and attacks that escalate in size and impact each year. Ongoing regulatory compliance requirements and the challenge of managing security resources and skills with limited budgets place pressure on security teams. Now with the growth of the mobile enterprise, borderless security architectures add to this pressure to keep your perimeters secure. We understand how to prioritise and streamline the allocation of security resources to keep you on top of threats.


Every industry has a unique set of regulatory and compliance requirements to protect organisations and their customers – whether they are in the private or public domain. From the SCADA protocols the Utilities industry needs; to the data privacy security needs for the Health sector; to fraud, AML and cyber-crime for Financial Services, we understand the impact and consequences of a security breach. With our depth of experience, the team can talk you in your language and work closely with you to identify and stop damaging threats that are relevant to your business.