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Security Services, Redefined

Combining world-class security specialists with cutting-edge security automation, our unique approach reduces your security costs whilst delivering high-quality outcomes for your business.


We have redefined how penetration testing is delivered. Utilizing our cutting-edge security automation capabilities allows us to streamline engagements, deliver consistent top-quality results, and enables our highly-experienced security team to focus on the critical risks to keep your business safe. Learn More


Our Strategic Security Services work alongside your team to deliver a strategic and prioritised security roadmap – customised for your business. These strategic services review your key threats and risks, as well as your existing security architecture, to enable you to plan your security activities and budgets over the coming years to maximize risk reduction and avoid any security breaches. Learn More


In the most malicious threat landscape in over 20 years, attack sophistication and increased funding for cyber-criminals has seen annual revenues up to $2 Trillion. It is critical your business responds quickly and effectively to a security breach.

When you suffer a security breach, our experienced security team utilize the Evolve Security Automation capabilities to immediately deploy security monitoring and security controls into your organization in less than 4 hours to contain breaches.

It is critical to talk with our experts now to contain the impact to your business.


Utilising our customized and globally recognized Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS), our application security specialists dive deep into your application source code to identify security flaws that can leave your business exposed. With access to hundreds of categories of security controls, we offer multiple levels of secure code reviews. Just choose the level based on technical and business risks, application size, and security budget to suit your business. Learn More


For over a decade, Threat Intelligence has been the only company to be invited every year to present and run training at Black Hat USA, Black Hat Europe and Black Hat Asia. We have taught advanced security to International Government and Security Agencies, and major Technology and Security Companies.

Security training educates your employees on the real threats and attacks that can occur, and the ways they can proactively protect your organization from being compromised.

Security Awareness Training is designed to showcase how employees can execute insecure actions that lead to a security breach.
Secure Developer Training ensures attendees understand how application source code will proactively prevent vulnerabilities.
Our Black Hat USA and Black Hat Europe training “The Shellcode Lab” and “Automating Security with Open Source” training is world-renowned.

Whichever specialist training module you choose we can ensure your organization is prepared to be at the forefront of security.

On-demand, cost-effective, specialist security capabilities

Our goal is to innovate security services and intelligence. We do this by utilizing out team of deep experts both nationally and globally recognized in the security field

Damian Harvey I Business Developer Manager