Our Strategic Security Services engagements work alongside your team to deliver a strategic and prioritized security roadmap customized for your business. Maximize your security budgets, coverage, capabilities and skills to reduce real business risks.


Organisations often implement a range of security mechanisms to reduce the risk of a major security breach. By taking a threat and risk based-approach, we gain a deep understanding of your business, your key threat actors, your critical assets and functions, your security controls, and then define the threat scenarios that would lead to these critical assets suffering a security breach. A prioritised security roadmap is developed so that you can plan and implement your short, medium and long-term security projects and budgets to ensure your business is safe.


Whether you are trying to achieve ISO 27001 compliance or are required to comply with PCI DSS to secure your credit card details, our Compliance Reviews reveal the areas where your organisation is doing well, and where you need to focus your attention to ensure that you remain compliant to the relevant regulatory and legislative requirements. This is achieved through a Gap Analysis where our team gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation and the existing security controls to identify areas of risk and recommend practical solutions.


Your security architecture is the key to keeping your organisation from suffering a major security breach. If you don’t have an effective security architecture that covers your entire business, across all your locations, clouds and devices, then you run the risk of your weakest areas becoming compromised and your business suffering significant financial and reputational impacts. Security Architecture Reviews gain an understanding of your organisation, systems and security controls across all locations, and identifies areas that an attacker can abuse and increases the risk to your business.


It is common for organisations to have dated, incomplete or missing security architectures, especially for cloud environments that have been implemented without sufficient thought to effective security controls and security operations. Our security specialists understand how hackers break into organisations and how to prevent them from being successful. We can design a security architecture specifically for your business to ensure that threats are dissolved, attacks are effectively blocked, and security breaches are identified and contained efficiently.


Security breaches are a common occurrence for organisations, with nearly every organising having suffered a security breach at some point. To minimise the impact of a security breach, you need to not only act fast to contain the breach, but also act appropriately to ensure that unplanned and unwanted situations are avoided. Our Incident Response Procedure Development service identifies the key threats to your business and then provides you with clear and customised steps to be taken before, during and after a security breach.

Maximize Security Skills, Resources and Budgets.

From the SCADA protocols the Utilities industry needs; to the data privacy needs for the Health sector; to fraud, AML and cyber-crime for Financial Services, we understand the impact and consequences of a security breach for your industry.

Ty Miller I Managing Director