What is Evolve Security Automation?

Evolve is the world’s first security automation cloud that’s been designed to be highly scalable and flexible so that organizations can customize it to meet security budgets, enhance their security capabilities, and expand their skills to be able to stay safe moving forward into the future. For organizations that don’t have security automation deployed, the cost of a security breach is 95% higher. Evolve has security at the heart of the platform, ranging from Evolve Regions for data sovereignty purposes through to a internal Evolve Global Certificate Authority for encryption and authentication purposes.

What is Automated Penetration Testing?

Around the world, on average, security breaches that are costing organizations about $4 million. Major security breaches are happening every day, and they’re taking up to 279 days to detect and contain. With the ongoing persistent attacks that are happening every day, it’s no longer sufficient to only do annual penetration tests.
Evolve’s Automated Penetration Testing lets you mature your vulnerability assessments through to a full five phase penetration test. Evolve Automated Penetration Testing will identify exposed employees, dark web and reputational impacts, leaked passwords, exploitable vulnerabilities, and misconfigured systems.

What is Automated Compromised Account Monitoring?

The number one way that organizations get breached these days is through stolen passwords, through third-party security breaches. The Evolve automated compromised account monitoring solution searches over 700 billion compromised accounts and will alert you to any accounts that affect your business. Evolve natively integrates with your active directory to automatically expire compromised passwords, which is the ultimate first step for security managers. Evolve partners can innovate and launch a new type of security offering by differentiating themselves through security automation.

What is Automated Incident Response?

Evolve’s Automated Incident Response analyzes and responds to security breaches within minutes, minimizing the financial impacts to your organization.By utilizing Evolve’s Automated Incident Response, your organization gets access to Automated Evidence Collection, Automated Evidence Analysis, and Automated Response to resolve your security breaches within minutes. The Evolve Marketplace has over 350 Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds that natively integrate into the Evolve workflows to enhance your security automation capabilities.The Evolve Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds include detection for command and control traffic, ransomware, spammers, phishing, and malicious threat actors.

The People Behind Evolve: Sandeep

Hear from Sandeep, the developer in charge of building the Evolve security automation and orchestration platform. As a developer for many years Evolve is the best thing he’s developed. Here Sandeep shares more about the learning curve how he’s made it easy for the end user.

The People Behind Evolve: Paul

Evolve Security Automation is a cloud-based platform that allows you to apply specialist knowledge to secure your environment. Quite often, the initial vector that an attacker uses to gain access to your network, is via a compromised account. The risk posed by compromised accounts to an organization is proportional to the time that these compromised accounts remain valid.

History with Black Hat

There’ve been a lot of highlights at Black Hat over the years. From the first presentation and the launch of the Shellcode Lab to introduce the team into Black Hat, we have expanded our expertise, through our training courses or on attack concepts that we’ve developed over the years. Most recently being the gold sponsors of Black Hat hit a new milestone in our Black Hat life.

Black Hat and The Shellcode Lab

The Shellcode Lab focuses on teaching students how to develop custom back doors for Windows, Mac, Linux, 32 bit and 64 bit architectures to break into more systems, integrate their own custom payloads into exploits to maximize their exploitation success rate. Our great feedback is why we’ve been running it for over nine years now.

Automating Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a core skill for every organization these days, because they really need to identify their core critical vulnerabilities within their organization and mitigate them before attackers find them, break into their organization, and cause major financial impacts.Security teams need to be able to have the capability to perform penetration testing across their systems and Evolve Security Automation can deliver that deep technical expertise.

Evolve Security Automation

Evolve Security Automation is the world’s first dedicated security automation cloud. Whether it’s Asia Pacific, US or Europe, you have dedicated regions where you can launch and orchestrate security automation capabilities. The Evolve Security Automation cloud has been designed to give you the security automation capabilities you need to maximize your security budgets and also get those capabilities as you need them.

The Benefits of Gold Sponsorship

Demonstrating Evolve as a gold sponsor at Black Hat USA allowed us to really educate the security industry as to what capabilities you can get through security automation. Black Hat delegates learnt about how they could automate within their organization and find out more about the benefits of how they could streamline their security automation, maximize their budgets, and also get that on-demand deep specialist capability for their security team.

What Evolve Clients are Saying

Evolve Security Automation users love the flexible cloud-based pricing model and no long-term contracts that require investments in large capital expenditure. The flexible pricing also suits small businesses through to the large enterprise, as well as government.

Our Involvement with Black Hat

We’ve been working with Black Hat since our first presentation, Reverse DNS Tunnelling Shellcode. For the last nine years we have not missed a Black Hat with our really popular course called The Shellcode Lab. We have also introduced the Practical Threat Intelligence and The Security Automation Lab, to really introduce some of the more modern techniques for organizations to protect themselves moving into the future. We have also been involved in Black Hat across Black Hat USA, Black Hat Asia, Black Hat DC, as well as a Black Hat Europe.


Securing your start-up is vital to attracting and retaining customers and investors. Waiting until a security breach occurs is bad for business. If you are prepared to be able to identify and respond to breaches, you can protect your business from failure. We work with start-ups at all stages of their journey to build and test the policies, architecture and security roadmap you need to secure your business and stay in the game. A professional approach to security can show investors and customers your start-up has the mature and stable security mechanisms in place it needs to succeed.


Large organisations face a unique set of security challenges, including a never-ending stream of threats and attacks that escalate in size and impact each year. Ongoing regulatory compliance requirements and the challenge of managing security resources and skills with limited budgets place pressure on security teams. Now with the growth of the mobile enterprise, borderless security architectures add to this pressure to keep your perimeters secure. We understand how to prioritise and streamline the allocation of security resources to keep you on top of threats.


Every industry has a unique set of regulatory and compliance requirements to protect organisations and their customers – whether they are in the private or public domain. From the SCADA protocols the Utilities industry needs; to the data privacy security needs for the Health sector; to fraud, AML and cyber-crime for Financial Services, we understand the impact and consequences of a security breach. With our depth of experience, the team can talk you in your language and work closely with you to identify and stop damaging threats that are relevant to your business.